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Can you imagine the world without music? Regardless if it’s pop, indie, alternative rock, classical or house. Music that smoothen those rough edges of your thoughts, gives you serenity in the midst of challenges and chords that make you realize the possibilities you have if you just give tomorrow a chance. If music doesn’t even exist, it would be probably a world full of chaos. If we just ponder, without music, one’s future can be destroyed. Music can save.
Sometimes, us being an ultimate fanboy/fangirl of a particular band or artist, we just thank them for having such an amazing music taste and having the thought of sharing it to the world. I can honestly and proudly say that I have loved bands that always inspire me to get up in the morning and say “I can do it”. Bands that show a testimony that if you just push the retry button, you would succeed. Their songs that will always get you through the bumps of life. They might not have noticed it but they have been a look-up-to individuals not only in my perspective but also to others. Music can inspire.
Music that has been a companion to us on those rainy days while drowning in our own thoughts. Music that has been a reason for us to love and hate. Music that has been a fuel to our weak and machine heart. I admit that whenever I plug my earphones, it’s like the earth just stopped rotating to its orbit. It’s like good things have flooded your mind. It’s like you have attracted all the present positive vibes. You might forget it but music is everything.



Coffee Break
By Stephen Criscolo

A New ‘Type’ of Reggae

… but I didn’t shoot the de-pu-ty.

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